jueves, 21 de abril de 2011

Just a tiny drop

I love it when you feed me 

oranges in the rain 

he said

I love the pitter patter

beating on my head

A flutter

chilled shudder

of something other

than TRUTH

an entourage of emotion

accompanies the mother-ship

w/o a clue from few and between

the rush has begun

filling my senses like

a thousand little thistles tickling

the innards of my nose

like a sneeze

I burst in tears

it’s silly i know

i laugh

i explain

analyze, complain

where truth of oneself 

the most difficult to name

admittance a 

dangerous game

I seek to know the tale behind those wandering eyes

the cross

the stare

the blink

left now right 



a point

to stop

where clarity clears

I accept my tears

as a storm at high tide

a wave of emotion

crashing on shore

pulling back to the origin of Life,

my center, my core

leaving salted speckles of me 

along the way

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