viernes, 14 de mayo de 2010

Land and Sea

The mermaid dips into the ocean
Calling she is.

Her lover divine sweeping her up by the goddess within
Opening she is.

The waves
gently caress
playfull, splash, crash and

Humbly she is.

Who are you?
Who am I?
I love you.
Don´t I?

I suppose that depends...
do I love I?

Now she´s become shy.

Beautiful blush come out of your shell!
Turn on the gifts you´ve been given,
Dive in deep
Sweet surrender
into your Knowing

my bliss.
my sweet......breath

this is it.

I am the fish who flies between land and sea
Land and Sea

Is it you? Is it me? Let´s say we
are sailing smoothly

this is it.


Yoga: Union between the Individual soul(s) and Universal Soul

En-Chant: mysticism, imagination, self to Self expression, unfolding in voice

A DANCE between within and without, giving and receiving, doubting and believing, forgetting and remembering.

That each movement, each word, each breath may be treated as a prayer; an opportunity to recognize the beauty for which WE ARE.

HERE. In the spiral of time, space, existence,
let us dive into our truth, both changing and unchanging,
in resonance and not resonating...

SHARING our reflections,
our experience, in all shades, colors, shadows and illuminations
beyond judgement of good and bad,
light and dark.

Let us be real. Let us reveal.
And thus TOGETHER un-veil that which belongs in the dream.

The dream within a dream...

Brothers and Sisters, let us converse
let us awake!