jueves, 15 de julio de 2010

Between Worlds

Reaching out
to the sanctuary within
Honoring the beauty without
Oh reflection of...
The gift we've been given

Honoring you
Desire to unite with all and every
Honoring me
Glorious seclusion 
Nothing and nowhere

Breath as bridge
Inhaling and exhaling between worlds

This love a play
to dance all day

be the breath they say
merging into One

domingo, 11 de julio de 2010


Bienvenidos a la blog de la comunidad.

Un sitio para unirnos, cada alma individual con el alma universal, 
dedicarnos a honrar nuestros verdades seres, 
por cuando uno sige su verdad, se despierta la comunidad.  

Todos tienen algo de decir.  Aún quizás sea differente entre dias...  

Sea lo que sea, estámos aquí para escuchar.

Aquí abrimos el espacio para descubrirnos y aprendernos
Con proposito de vivir como el puente entre la mente y el corazon
Para espresarnos honestamente, sin espectaciones, ni censores, ni concepto de algo bueno ni malo.

En estes entradas existe una opportunidad conocernos, 
practicar de sentir, hablar y compartir lo que realmente sentimos, 
afuera de todo lo que nos han dicho sobre el camino.

Seguimos nuestro propio, y enjoramos a otros seguir los suyos  

Ninguna regla, ningun lugar para llegar, simplemente contar algo que sienten llamados a compartir; a escribir.

Y lentamente nos realizamos más y más como las gotas a dentro del mar...
El sueño a dentro del gran sueño...

Porque realmente Somos Uno.

El baile acordarse, el baile olvidarse, el baile simplemente estarse... 

Ven a despertarse!

martes, 6 de julio de 2010

Voice Uncensored

How often are we quoting others?  A great platform for inspiration, intellectual debate.  But do we really feel what they're saying?  

We do it so often in fact we think it's us speaking, that these are our ideas, our experiences and we can neglect or avoid actually thinking (let alone feeling) for ourselves.  

This blog is about moving beyond what we've been taught or told, abandoning "shoulds" and "should nots" and all fear of stepping outside what is considered normal or sane.  Letting go of books, knowledge, even memory.  To be present with ourselves, our experience and individual creativity of communication.  To honor and accept where we are right now.  As if we get to be kids again before self-consciousness comes into play.

Whether we respond to one another or not, whether one's view resonates with us or not, this is our practice to find out what IS resonating with us, to follow it, and continually expand within and beyond it.  Never to settle or conclude, to explore, speak, write, and share our truth.  Recognizing simultaneously that while what we share right now may be resonating, that doesn't mean tomorrow will be the same.  

Moving beyond even expectation of consistency.  

Remembering that none of this is really "us" anyway...

So what do we share?

Without rules, regard to beginning, middle and end, how shall we begin?


Cyberspace Community

Friends, Lovers, Family, Strangers, Believers and Non.  

This is a space for all of us, to share our truth.  To express ourselves in whatever way we feel called.  

To open ourselves through the experience of others, and bounce ours off of theirs.  Mirror to mirror, we're here to help each other grow in remembrance that we are divine.  

Now however that looks like to you.  We're here to listen.

viernes, 14 de mayo de 2010

Land and Sea

The mermaid dips into the ocean
Calling she is.

Her lover divine sweeping her up by the goddess within
Opening she is.

The waves
gently caress
playfull, splash, crash and

Humbly she is.

Who are you?
Who am I?
I love you.
Don´t I?

I suppose that depends...
do I love I?

Now she´s become shy.

Beautiful blush come out of your shell!
Turn on the gifts you´ve been given,
Dive in deep
Sweet surrender
into your Knowing

my bliss.
my sweet......breath

this is it.

I am the fish who flies between land and sea
Land and Sea

Is it you? Is it me? Let´s say we
are sailing smoothly

this is it.


Yoga: Union between the Individual soul(s) and Universal Soul

En-Chant: mysticism, imagination, self to Self expression, unfolding in voice

A DANCE between within and without, giving and receiving, doubting and believing, forgetting and remembering.

That each movement, each word, each breath may be treated as a prayer; an opportunity to recognize the beauty for which WE ARE.

HERE. In the spiral of time, space, existence,
let us dive into our truth, both changing and unchanging,
in resonance and not resonating...

SHARING our reflections,
our experience, in all shades, colors, shadows and illuminations
beyond judgement of good and bad,
light and dark.

Let us be real. Let us reveal.
And thus TOGETHER un-veil that which belongs in the dream.

The dream within a dream...

Brothers and Sisters, let us converse
let us awake!