jueves, 21 de abril de 2011


Taking in
the static
of stillness.

Silence, slipping
I, wonder

Wishing for someone other
something somewhere
far and near.
Wanting all and nothing
at once

the metaphor
an attempt to deliver esoteric exaggeration
among the tangible,
unseen among the seen
extending and folding,
empowered powerlessness

the jellyfish who floats
taking in the rays of the sun at the surface of oceans,
tumbled by the touch of unconscious humanness,
succumbing to its one and only defense,
to sting.

I am nothing I dreamt of being and yet
everything I could ever ask for.
This dream all I have to escape
a reality one can hardly claim as real.

Softness, stiffening
the mold of a sponge
no longer fit to soak in
the filth of what it was designed to clean
to clear,
is still a sponge.

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