viernes, 14 de mayo de 2010

Land and Sea

The mermaid dips into the ocean
Calling she is.

Her lover divine sweeping her up by the goddess within
Opening she is.

The waves
gently caress
playfull, splash, crash and

Humbly she is.

Who are you?
Who am I?
I love you.
Don´t I?

I suppose that depends...
do I love I?

Now she´s become shy.

Beautiful blush come out of your shell!
Turn on the gifts you´ve been given,
Dive in deep
Sweet surrender
into your Knowing

my bliss.
my sweet......breath

this is it.

I am the fish who flies between land and sea
Land and Sea

Is it you? Is it me? Let´s say we
are sailing smoothly

this is it.

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  2. An Imagined Apprenticeship

    For tutor I choose a sea turtle
    so as to learn to surf star-gate currents
    zooming just under the surface
    of Earth's oceans, those veins of the Divine
    floating close to Light-speed, even past it,
    no matter.

    I'd spend my nights writing (like now)
    relaxed on the chiropractically-magical
    curve of his or her enormous shell:
    the type of exo-skeleton which one day might sit atop the skull of Earth's only beholder,
    the new crown of Atlas.

    Whorls of star-coral unfold
    amid spontaneously created spirals
    sprouting bouquets above below
    around and within us as we slide
    across the uncreated floors and shelves
    of the cosmic undersea scaffolding.

    Having turned through a curving corridor,
    fraught with lost fish lingering in caves laden with temptation, we emerge from that shadowy canyon and plunge past the precipice, flying like cartoon Coyote,
    only we know not to look down or allow doubt.

    This is how we stay weightless.
    (It's safer.)