martes, 6 de julio de 2010

Voice Uncensored

How often are we quoting others?  A great platform for inspiration, intellectual debate.  But do we really feel what they're saying?  

We do it so often in fact we think it's us speaking, that these are our ideas, our experiences and we can neglect or avoid actually thinking (let alone feeling) for ourselves.  

This blog is about moving beyond what we've been taught or told, abandoning "shoulds" and "should nots" and all fear of stepping outside what is considered normal or sane.  Letting go of books, knowledge, even memory.  To be present with ourselves, our experience and individual creativity of communication.  To honor and accept where we are right now.  As if we get to be kids again before self-consciousness comes into play.

Whether we respond to one another or not, whether one's view resonates with us or not, this is our practice to find out what IS resonating with us, to follow it, and continually expand within and beyond it.  Never to settle or conclude, to explore, speak, write, and share our truth.  Recognizing simultaneously that while what we share right now may be resonating, that doesn't mean tomorrow will be the same.  

Moving beyond even expectation of consistency.  

Remembering that none of this is really "us" anyway...

So what do we share?

Without rules, regard to beginning, middle and end, how shall we begin?


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  1. Yes I see, and agree, except also it goes both ways, for exactly as "none of this is really us", al mismo tiempo All of It is Us, at All Times Every Where, right?

    So exactly as you've said, how wide open are we willing to be? At what point can we truly let Light penetrate entirely, setting aside the infernal Fear of the unknown, to allow Creation to flow through unfiltered? How can I assist in the washing downstream of this dangerously safe little ego whom I've known up 'til now as "I"? He was a coward who is now rumored to be hiding, cowering in a yet-unexplored cave somewhere deep inside 'me'. Allow me to assure you, we have him on the the run.

    The Source is all the same. If this is so, it makes it difficult to conceive of how deep our responsibility goes. Meaning the quotations we quote, the lines we take, from stolen phrases or cited sources, have always already been Ours.

    (This, I'm told, is why well-trained, responsible telepathy does not infringe on the free-will of either party, since the prerequisite compassion has already expanded the scope of The Observer into some all-encompassing single point in space; or wherever, really.)

    In the end, and as always, I think it breaks down to a "First the Egg, or the Chicken?" situation:
    In our approach toward nirvikalpa samadhi, do we intend to shrink the Ego until it evaporates into the assumed bliss of Eternal Nothing-ness? Or are we choosing to send that exact energy into expanding this self-same Ego-bubble until it defies measurement, eventually encompassing OM in its entirety?

    Many paths up the mountain, only one peak, no?

    Or maybe I should shut up and sit, quietly squished now-here, precisely placed in a Divinely Indeterminate Middle?

    Also: I wish I could see your post while I comment. I think I may have gone off-topic.

  2. Yes Dave!

    All and nothing at once!

    Both must be. The two sides of the coin smiling at us, waving us along. Warm fuzzies assure. I feel it.

    For some reason we've been given this mind, this dual understanding, knowing all the while, that both sides of the coin are part of the same. That whether we choose everything or nothing, we are like you say choosing one path that leads to the same destination.

    Even if we have no set destination...

    This ego not so settled in the idea of just being here... yet this heart soars, and in its roar the "I" seems to subside just a moment.

    Reaching out, reaching in
    Within and without
    You and I
    yet another head,
    another tail
    Two stories,
    One creator...

    Oh and how many coins there must be!
    Thank you eternity!

  3. No oasis, no deserts,
    no mountains, no valleys,
    no summer, no winter,
    no rain, no snow,
    no yes and no!
    no crown no cross,
    no gain, no loss!
    All in YOU.
    Infinitely, eternally
    yes and no! Forever with

    Anonymous dedication to OSHO

  4. I love what you said, Dave, about all the words and quotes we read and recite as already being ours. This is why the spiritual path is so beautiful: it allows us to seek our inner Divinity in any number of ways, while arriving at the same destination, even if we don't have a definition for that destination, or our "own" words to live by. The Source is within me, you, him, her, them, it...choose your pronoun. By performing Bhakti Yoga, we give our full love and devotion to God, which essentially means giving our full love to ourselves and each other. It's such a beautiful, simple idea, but often difficult to perform because of our darn egos. But this is also where the fun comes in, learning to transcend duality. And I don't think there is a "right" or "wrong" way to do it. It comes down to finding individual truth, which will in turn be Universal truth.